IBR: a new look at top

I was looking up at the banner of Illinois Baseball Report a few weeks back and noticed it was about time to change it.  Three of the players, Jason Goldstein, Adam Walton and Cody Sedlock, have gone on to bigger and better things. 



And while I liked Coach Hartleb’s photo from last year, he looked like needed a little cheering up.  A little trivia, that photo was taken at the moment when the 2015 Illini team lost to Vanderbilt in the 2015 Super Regionals.  So I guess you can understand the consternation on Coach’s face. 

In short, it was time for a new web banner.


This year, we have a new crew up top joining a happier-looking Coach Hartleb.  From left to right, it’s catcher Mark Skonieczny, pitcher Doug Hayes, Coach Dan Hartleb, thirdbaseman Trent Hammond and firstbaseman/DH Anthony Drago. 

If you want to see my photos in full resolution, check them out at the Illinois Baseball Report photo gallery. Photos are categorized by year going all the way back to 2005-2006. 

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