Illini can’t withstand SIU late rally

In this week’s only midweek game, Illinois succumbed to a late inning rally by the Southern Illinois Salukis and lost 7-3.  Illinois had a 3-2 lead going into the top of the eighth but SIU managed to scored two that inning and three more in the ninth to solidify their lead. 

Tonight’s offense by the Illini came all the swing of one bat.  Jordan Parr hit a three-run homer in the sixth inning driving home Willie Argo and Justin Parr.  It was Parr’s fourth homer of the season. 

It was a committee of pitchers for tonight’s game.  He’s prone to do this on occasion for midweek games.  Coach Hartleb used eight pitchers tonight.  The ironic thing was that it was Luke Joyce and Ronnie Muck who gave up the big runs.  Joyce and Muck have been two of the more reliable relievers in 2012.  The good news is that Bryan Roberts and Will Strack got a turn on the mound. Both pitchers have been MIA for a while and it’s good to see them in action especially now in the homestretch. 

Next Up

It’s a big series with Michigan State this weekend.  Big because we’re currently tied with them for fourth place (along with Nebraska). Big because of the Bleacher Bum BBQ promo on Friday and the Camo Jersey promo on Sunday.  And big because we just seem to have a ongoing rivalry with this team.

Game time Friday is 6pm but get out there at 5pm if you want the free food!  :)

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  1. The box score shows attendance at 577, approx. double the cold, wet Friday night we experienced on April 20 against Ohio State. We listened to the radio to find out the game was definitely on since the field was built to withstand torrential rains like we had earlier in the day. I’m guessing a lot of people weren’t sure it would be played. It turned out to be a nice evening weather wise after all. Unless there is lightning on Friday, the game should be played. Come on out at 4:30 to support the team and get good seats!

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