Changes in the Big Ten Baseball schedule?

The Daily Illini has a solid article regarding some proposed changes to the Big Ten Baseball schedule. It includes some extensive quotes from key members of the B10 baseball arena including Brad Traviolia, the Big Ten Deputy Commissioner and a few of the head coaches.

Minnesota head coach John Anderson is leading the charge on this from the looks of it.  As the all-time leader in wins, he got a lot of weight.  Purdue coach Doug Schreiber is also proposing some changes as well.  From the looks of it, Coach Hartleb is open to ideas but doesn’t think any changes will be made soon.

As I see it, Big Ten Baseball is going through some growing pains right now and not necessarily a bad thing.  The conference is (rightfully so) demanding respect.  The question is:  how do we go about this with minimal impact on players while still doing right by the conference.

This is definitely an interesting story to keep an eye on.

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