Quick look at former Illini in Spring Training

020I was tipped off that former Illini catcher Lars Davis made his 2012 Spring Training debut last week for the Colorado Rockies.  That prompted me to check up on our other former Illini and see how they were faring so far during pre-season.  Since his start, Lars Davis has appeared in two games for Colorado and has gone 1 for 3 with a double and an rbi. 

Another former Illinois catcher, Chris Robinson is now in his third spring training.  However, this year it’s with a new team, the Texas Rangers.  So far this year, he gone 1 for 6 in five games with a double and a run scored.  Robinson’s teammate on the Rangers and a former Illini, Kyle Hudson (right, during his Illini days) has played seven games as of today.  He’s 2 for 9 with 3 runs scored and two walks.

ST will be wrapping up in three weeks.

Good luck, guys!!

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  1. Thanks for the update! Even though the teams need more catchers during ST, it’s still a nice compliment for Lars that he’s playing. It looks like Patrick Arlis (catcher for Milwaukee at AAA–Nashville Sounds) also got a hit in a game last week (1 for 1). Good to see our guys getting some playing time!

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