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indiana sat 078

If you haven’t noticed, there’s a new banner at the top of the IBR web page.  This was one of my favorite photos from last season.  Nothing captures emotion better than a key homerun during the last series of the season.  We can thank Casey McMurray for all of this.  This photo was taken after his dinger during the May 21st game against Indiana

(For those who need to know) from left to right: Josh Parr, unidentified fan in the stands, Willie Argo, Corey Kimes (sporting a new fashion trend), Lee Zerrusen, Matt Milroy, Bryan Roberts, hero of the moment Casey McMurray, Adam Davis, Brandon Hohl, Pat Sheehan, Thomas Shelton and Kevin Johnson.

Davis wins the prize for best facial expression.  It looks like he’s about to burst a few blood vessels there.

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  1. Great pic! Re: Corey–I’ve heard of rally caps before, but never a rally jersey! Is that how they got the “comeback kids” nickname?

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