Illini players make it on SportsCenter

Before we close out the Illini’s venture to California, I wanted to make sure everyone got a chance to see these videos.  A few of the players made to the big screen (well, ‘big’ if you are a baseball player).

In this first one, pay close attention to the very start where you see a split second of a fabulous play by Pete Cappetta.  Then toward the end, you’ll see Davis Hendrickson’s amazing catch against Fullerton.



In this SportCenter top five, you’ll see Pete Cappetta’s play in full (the audio is bad.. it’s not my video).



SoCalBaseball had interviewed some Illinois baseball crew while they were out there for the Regionals.  Here’s a YouTube clip of Pete Cappetta getting some media attention:



…and Kevin Johnson…

…even Coach Eric Snider talked to them.


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