Nifty 1993 Illini baseball card set is really worth a look

My friend Robin gifted me a pretty nifty piece of Illinois Baseball memorabilia.  It is an unperforated set of baseball cards of the 1993 Illinois baseball team.  Wow! Lots of history here.  Starting with the head coach, Itch Jones who still ranks 28th all-time with 1,242 wins.  And guess who was his assistant coach?  Yep, […]

The Illini who made it big: Homeruns

During this off-season, I thought I would occasionally take a look the former Illini who had played in the Major Leagues.  To take it a step further, why not post the all-time leaders among Illini alumni in particular stat categories?  It would give us a starting point for some discussion and perhaps some insight into […]