IBR: a new look at top

I was looking up at the banner of Illinois Baseball Report a few weeks back and noticed it was about time to change it.  Three of the players, Jason Goldstein, Adam Walton and Cody Sedlock, have gone on to bigger and better things.    And while I liked Coach Hartleb’s photo from last year, he […]

Monday de-brief from a 4-0 weekend

Boy, there’s a lot to cover after a 4-0 sweep in which the Illini dominated as they did.  They are of course, tops in the Big Ten after the first weekend though Maryland and Ohio State did put in a 3-0 series.  The other new guy on the block, Rutgers went 0-4. But check this […]

Check out Dewi Krug’s photos from Georgia State series!

On one hand, I’m excited that Illinois Baseball season is finally here.  On the other, it’s a little frustrating because for the first couple of weeks, the games are so far away and I have to rely on box scores and (the admittedly good) Gametracker to get my Illini Baseball fix.  So thank goodness for […]

Take a look at Dewi Krug’s Illini Baseball photo gallery (you’ll be glad you did!)

Michael Hurwitz’ homerun at Baylor I’ve made no secret of my wish to go to more away games.  I just can’t afford the travel costs and the time away from home.  As good as GameTracker is, it isn’t the same as seeing the guys in action. Ronnie Muck on the mound at Tennessee Tech Along […]

Illinois baseball Week 1: News bits and pieces

I’m sure we Illini baseball fans are not given in to schadenfreude.  If we were, however, we would pleased to know that because of Illinois’ 9-4 defeat of St John’s on Sunday, the Red Storm have been knocked out of the national rankings.  But I’m sure we don’t have that kind of nasty attitude. The […]

IBR photos now being displayed at new gallery

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I’ve been migrating my Illinois baseball photos to a new and hopefully better photo gallery (using Smugmug).  I was slightly delayed because I took a desperately-needed vacation this past two weeks but I’m ready to unveil it to everybody. You already see the results in the sidebar.  In […]

Check out the new IBR banner!

If you haven’t noticed, there’s a new banner at the top of the IBR web page.  This was one of my favorite photos from last season.  Nothing captures emotion better than a key homerun during the last series of the season.  We can thank Casey McMurray for all of this.  This photo was taken after […]

Summer happenings

Fightingillini.com has a pretty comprehensive update on how our players are doing in their various 2011 summer leagues.  Rather than summarize it all up, I’ll just link to it and you can read it for yourself.  You can find it at the Fighting Illini baseball site. As for my summer, I’m spending a good portion […]

My favorite photos from the 2011 Illinois Baseball season

Throughout the 2011 Illinois baseball season, there have been photos that I go back to and think “I really like that picture”.  Some may not have made it into an IBR article but for one reason or another I find qualities in it that make me think it’s worth seeing. Technically, they may not be […]

Some fun photos from Friday night’s game against Indiana

I’ve taken over a thousand photos in the past three days so I’m trying to catch up.  Meanwhile, here are some nice photos of Friday night’s wild 13-12 win against Indiana.           Tags: indiana, photos Related posts IBR: a new look at top (0) Series loss to Indiana forces Illinois’ hand […]