About IBR

Welcome to Illinois Baseball Report!

Let me quickly introduce myself… my name is Thomas Nelshoppen and I live in Urbana, Illinois.  I work at the University of Illinois in the IT field (I work two blocks away from Illinois Field… on a calm day, I can hear the ping of bats right outside my building).  I’m married with two kids.

Why Illinois Baseball Report??

In short, write what you know.  I’ve followed the University of Illinois baseball team closely for some 5 years and am a big fan.  I go to every home game I can and have gone to the  Big Ten Tournament the last couple years.

For the last 3 or 4 years, I’ve included coverage about the team on my other (now defunct) baseball blog, The Baseball Zealot.  I got some pretty good feedback from people, met some great people and most of all, really enjoyed myself when blogging about the team.

In 2012, I’ve also started contributing to the online magazine Smile Politely including a weekly column about Illini Baseball.  I appreciate that SP wants to expand their sports coverage to college baseball and thank them for the opportunity.

This site has been an idea in my head for a while and I finally got around to making it a reality.  So early February 2009, I imported all the Illini-related articles from the Zealot to the Illinois Baseball Report and indexed the articles so that it will be easier to find articles on any particular player or topic.

So now, I have a blog specifically dedicated to Illini Baseball and I couldn’t be more thrilled.

For those new to the site, check out my photo gallery of the Illinois Baseball team.  I have photos of game action not to mention Big Ten Tournament photos from 2007 and 2008.  I don’t have a professional grade camera or anything but it takes pretty decent photos.

I love hearing from other Illinois Baseball fans.  If you want, send me an email..

I don’t know where IBR will take me but I’m looking forward to the journey.  For those who followed me from The Baseball Zealot, I’m glad you’re here.  For those who are new, welcome aboard!


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5 Responses to “About IBR”

  1. Hey Thomas, good to see you again yesterday! Thanks for mentioning me on the website! That was cool, and the picture of Tanner is great!

  2. Peggy, always good to see you too. Enjoy your “off-season” and look forward to seeing next spring!!

  3. Great site….just starting to follow the ILLINI now that I have the time. I got this page LOCKED in,….you do a great job of giving the inside story!! THANK YOU!!

  4. Hi Tom
    Hope all is well with u and your Family!! We miss those days with you and Dominic.! Congrats on your IBR. And the Great season our Illini had!
    I was wondering if you had a final Home run Tally for Dom in his Career? Also what do you think is the Illinois record for Mulitable Game hit streak at Ill? I was just wondering if the 13 or 14 games Dom had is the record? I can’t find it in the record books. They don’t even have that category?
    All the Best Mike Altobelli

  5. Hi my grandson is joining Illinois on a base ball scholarship and I look forward to reading your columns and comments. His name is Dylan Jones.

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