Update: Schedule chaos sorted out for Illinois baseball

andy fisher

I’m sure it’s been a hectic few days for the Illini baseball program. 

Due to cancelled flights, the scheduled opening weekend games in Beaumont, Texas just aren’t going to happen.  Fortunately with a little collaboration, Illinois will play this weekend thanks to the help of host St. Louis University. 

The principals in the matter are South Dakota State University and Austin Peay. 

Saturday, February 17


Sunday, February 18


3pm CDT Austin Peay

We now know the starting pitchers of the three games for the Illinois squad.  As suspected, Ty Weber (2-7, 5.51 ERA) and Cyrillo Watson (3-4, 6.26 ERA) will take a turn on the mound. 

In addition, lefty Andy Fisher gets a nod.  Fisher is a transfer junior from Bowling Green and nearby Eastern Illinois.

We Illinois fans get one more day before enjoying Illinois baseball.  It can’t come too soon!!

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