I am interviewed by B1G Baseball’s Chris Webb

In his effort to cover the Big Ten Baseball scene, Chris Webb asked me if I could answer some questions for his blog, B1G Baseball.  No one needs to ask me twice to talk about Illini Baseball so I told him I was happy to do so.

You can check out the interview here.

For those Illini baseball die-hards that remember Chris, he used to cover Ohio State Baseball in Columbus.  Now he’s a baseball writer for Fox Sports.  He also covers Ohio college baseball at Buckeye State Baseball.  Chris has also taken on the arduous task of writing on Big Ten Baseball at B1G Baseball which is a relatively new project.  It’s a difficult task but if anyone’s up to it, it’s Chris Webb.

In my interview, I hit on a variety of topics including some 2013 predictions and what makes Illinois baseball and its player so special.

I appreciate Chris Webb giving me some space to talk about one of my favorite subjects, Illinois Baseball.  It was certainly a great way to kick off the new season.

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  1. Just read the interview–nice! Good to know the parents talk with you and enjoy your perspective.

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