It was about time for a banner change


With much hesitation, I changed the banner of IBR.  I really liked the photo that was up there before (shown above).  It wasn’t the sharpest image but boy, there was a lot of action and the expression on every guy’s face face is unique and priceless.  And what’s with Corey Kimes and the backwards jersey?  Crazy!

By the way, that game in question was the day the Illini clinched the Big Ten Championship in 2011.  The photo shows Casey McMurray being welcomed at the dugout after hitting a key homerun.  Indeed, that was a great day for the Illini.

But that was over a year and a half ago which is eons in college sports time.  Many of those players have gone on to graduate and some are even playing pro ball now.  It was time to move on.

I decided to focus on some close ups of a few of key players of the team for the upcoming 2013 season.  Choosing the players is tough because Illinois tends to be a team-oriented organization rather than depending on the heroics of a few.  There were plenty of players who I wanted to include but just couldn’t.

banner (2)

As it turned out, you’ll find from left to right, Davis Hendrickson, Brandon Hohl, Thomas Lindauer, Jordan Parr, Kevin Johnson, John Kravetz, and Justin Parr. No doubt, all are key to the Illini success in 2013.

So there they all are in no particular order though would you think it funny if I kept the twins apart?  They’ll cause less trouble that way.

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