Tilson signs with Cardinals, update on Parr injury

On Monday, Illini recruit Charlie Tilson finally made his decision and he chose to sign with the St Louis Cardinals who drafted him in this year’s MLB draft.  It might not have been an easy decision to make but the $1.275 million may have helped the 79th round outfielder make that decision a little easier.

No doubt, Coach Hartleb was sorry to see sorry to see Tilson go but wished him well:

“It’s one of those situations when a high school player makes a decision to give up an opportunity and take advantage of another opportunity.  The money has to be such that they feel they can give up their education and give up their college experience.

“Like I told Charlie, it’s bittersweet from a program standpoint. It’s disappointing. At the same time, I’m happy for Charlie.”

Monday was the deadline for drafted players to sign with their teams.  It was reported that Tilson signed at 5pm that day.  From New Trier HS, he hit .406 this past season with 42 runs and stole 30 bases.

Parr injury update

The Springfield Journal Register has a feature article on former Illini shortstop Josh Parr who is now playing for the Single A Missoula Osprey.  A few weeks ago, Parr took a pitch to the face and as a result, broke bones in his cheek as well as a tooth.

Parr as his usual nature, was positive about the whole thing:

“I got out of the way just in time,’’ Parr said. “A broken cheek bone is a good thing. When I look back at the film, I didn’t have much time to move. I moved just enough where the cheek bone took the damage rather than the orbital bone. I could have had eye problems.’’

Right now, he’s not playing but travels with the team.  Chewing is painful so shakes and soft foods are a necessity.  Parr hopes to get back into action by the end of the season.

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  1. We’re really glad Josh will be okay! His positive attitude and skills will take him far.

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