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ohio state sat 030As I mentioned in an earlier post, I’ve been migrating my Illinois baseball photos to a new and hopefully better photo gallery (using Smugmug).  I was slightly delayed because I took a desperately-needed vacation this past two weeks but I’m ready to unveil it to everybody.

You already see the results in the sidebar.  In fact, if you click on any of the photos you see to the right, it will take to the new photo gallery. Alternatively, here is the link to the list of all the photos categorized by year (and then sub-categorized by game).

A couple of features now available in the new gallery format:

You can “like” a photo if it’s a good one (you can also give it thumbs down).  I encourage people to do this (you don’t need to log in or anything).  It gives me an idea what kind of photos are popular.

Keywords are enabled so that each photo is tagged with the names of players in the photo as well as name of opposing team for ease of search (a caveat: player tagging is very incomplete now for the current photos.  I’m working on it.)

Social network sharing is available.  Using Facebook or Twitter you can share a photo with your network of friends.

You now can leave comments on photos or entire galleries (you will need to leave your email address or login via Facebook to do this).

A nice improvement in the new gallery is its support for mobile devices.  For those who wish to look at the photos with your smartphones, this is big.

All this plus a much nicer interface.  The old gallery will be up for a while as I still need to redirect the links on the site to the new gallery.

If anyone has any comments, suggestions or problems regarding the new IBR photo gallery, please let me know.  In total, there are 120 galleries with 5563 photos spanning the years of 2005-2011.

So take a look at the new IBR Photo Gallery and browse around.  Hope you enjoy the photos!

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