A few Illinois baseball news links to keep you going

Here’s the IlliniHQ.com’s summary from last night’s win against Iowa entitled ‘Shelton delivers’.  I get personal satisfaction from that because Thomas Shelton is a student in the department where I work.  Keep it up, Thomas!

IlliniHQ also had an accompanying ‘just-the-facts’ article.  By the way, it’s official, Josh Parr injured is knee during practice which explains his absence last night (I heard rumors but wasn’t going to publish anything till I heard something more detailed).

Speaking of IlliniHQ, they ran a piece on Casey McMurray that shows just how tough he really his.

“The Illinois left fielder played his entire junior year with cysts in his tailbone area that made even sitting — much less running and sliding — at times excruciating.”


Finally, the Daily Illini has been pretty good about paying attention to Illinois baseball all season. Kudos to them.  This past week, they ran an article on Will Strack billing him as ‘Dynamic Strack’.

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