Lou Boudreau and #5

kiwanis sports trivia 002 Yesterday, I entered a team in the second annual Kiwanis Sports Trivia Championship here in Champaign.   While we didn’t win, we had fun and it was for a good cause.

Like last year, there was one Illinois baseball question among the 100 questions they gave us.  And once again, Lou Boudreau was the subject of the trivia question.  However, unlike last year, we actually got this one right.

The question??  What was Lou Boudreau’s number when he played for the Illini?

I wish I could claim responsibility for getting this answer right.  But I’ll give credit where credit is due.  My teammate (and IBR reader) Shawn Lee was the one who chose #5 as the right answer.  I don’t know if it was an educated guess or a shot in the dark but he got it right.

Thanks to Shawn for helping me save face.

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