Free admission for Illini Olympic Sports (yes, that includes baseball games)

Shawn L emailed me wondering why I haven’t posted about this particular gem of news.  He’s right… it’s pretty significant.

The gist of it is that the University of Illinois has announced that they will make admission to all of its ‘Olympic Sports’ free of charge.

From the Illini press release:

The University of Illinois announced Wednesday that it will make admission to most of its Olympic Sports free of charge. The move was made to give Illinois fans more opportunities to enjoy quality family entertainment in challenging economic times.

Illinois wrestling, gymnastics, track & field, baseball, softball, and soccer will now allow free admission. Illinois will continue to charge admission to football, men’s basketball, women’s basketball and volleyball.

I’m already hearing from fans who are saying they are thinking of attending more games this year.  While a $6 admission (what it has been in recent years) is a bargain in my opinion, the free admission will certainly make it easier for families.

Thanks Illinois!

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